Human Capital is an Organization’s Greatest Asset or Greatest Liability.



Partnering To Make A Transformational Difference

Organizations that are committed to maximizing their Vision, Mission, and Purpose must be committed to maximizing their overall workforce contribution.

Organizations that are committed to Maximizing Workforce Contribution must be committed to maximizing their overall team effectiveness.

Organizations that are committed to Maximizing Team Effectiveness must be committed to improving every team member’s overall…

Every Employee is Critical to the Overall Success of any Organization.

The skill of leading and governing yourself to reach your full potential.

Every Employee’s Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments
have a Positive or Negative impact upon several Business Factors.


PLE is just as important as an individual’s educational background, job skills, or work experience.

PLE is critical whether you are the Chairman of the Board, CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor, or Valued Employee.



PLE is just as important as an individual’s educational background, job skills, or work experience.

PLE is critical whether you are the Chairman of the Board, CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor, or Valued Employee.


Every Employee’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness has a Positive or Negative impact upon several Business Factors:

  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Team Efficiency
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Risks and Liabilities
  • Net Operating Income

The Foundation to Everyone’s PLE is their unique Character Competencies, Behavior Traits, and their  Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments.


Take Charge and Be Responsible

Understand Your Unique Qualities

Embrace Obstacles and Challenges


Identify Your Core Values

Live With Meaning and Purpose


Balance Your Priorities

Develop Healthy Relationships

Cultivate Your Character

Adapt to Constant Change

Never Give Up on Important Issues

Millennials are Rapidly Changing the Workplace.

Executives, Managers, and Supervisors MUST be provided with a Learning, Coaching, and Mentoring Process to help Bridge the Gap with Millennials in the workplace.

PLE is a Powerful Common Denominator to Help Bring Employee Relationships Together!


Personal Leadership Effectiveness
Can Be Proficiently Assessed and Developed.

Character Competencies, Behavior Traits, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments are the Foundation to an Individual’s overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness.

The MERIT Profile Development Report is an excellent tool that is utilized in the workplace to improve an individual’s overall…

The MERIT Profile Assessment has been utilized by thousands of individuals, professionals, and organizations worldwide since 2006.

Valuable Insights:

In today’s complex business environment, with its never-ending workforce challenges, Organizations MUST have the ability to proficiently assess each employee’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness.

The PLE Learning Methodology is a Transformational Process.

The PLE Learning Methodology is hosted on a platform that provides an Integrated Mixed-Mode Learning Process for personal and professional transformation.

Self-Leadership is CRITICAL in the Workplace!

What Others Have to Say About the PLE Learning Methodology:

This life-changing Personal Leadership Effectiveness program will enable companies to develop authentic leaders at every level. This system has enabled me to have laser-sharp focus on my mission and has challenged me to practice the right habits that yield the greatest return.

Simon Bailey,
Disney Institute

I am really inspired by the Personal Leadership Effectiveness principles, concepts, and practical applications. I am privileged for having attended this course. The Achieving Authentic Success and Developing Authentic Leaders courses helped me to shape up my career and to help others realize the importance of their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, thus fulfilling my primary objective as a trainer.

Nanditha Srinivas
HR Director,
Xchanging Technology Services


The Personal Leadership Effectiveness learning methodology is foundational to help take a company from good to great. To create a company that lasts, there must be leaders who commit to living by basic “Character-Based Principles” that are not swayed by the current culture or business climate. The PLE Learning Methodology is easy to understand and presented in a format to help companies achieve lasting returns.

Stephen Thorne
Pacific Dental Services


For the past 30 years, I have worked for a multi-national, international bank as a corporate executive in several countries. During that time, I have been to several professional training programs, but I have found this program makes a real difference. The Personal Leadership Effectiveness learning process changes you from the inside out in terms of your professional, family and personal life. I recommend this program.

Abdul Latif
Asia Development Bank

I have recently completed the Personal Leadership Effectiveness course. This has been the best template to date to assist me in understanding and sharing what authentic leadership is all about. The course has helped me on a path to succeed personally and professionally, and not just on a balance sheet. The bottom line in life is significance, not just success. Thanks for showing me the difference.

Gordon D. Wusyk
Predictable Futures, Inc.

Past National Chair of Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFÉ)

The Personal Leadership Effectiveness training and coaching experience reminded me how important it is to keep our personal and professional priorities straight, and to actively integrate a balanced life. It was easy to see how success often leads us away from that objective—to our detriment. This positive experience stimulated me to reevaluate my priorities and be more conscious of my daily decisions.

Mary L. Walker
Former Assistant to Secretary
Environment Safety and Health
United States Department of Energy

Exploring Meaningful Engagement

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Special Note: Research shows that when Organizations invest in developing the leadership skills of their leaders and employees it results in improved performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom line results across the board.

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